Climate change – a threat to mankind

The adverse effects of climate change have posted threats in many aspects of our lives. One major contributing factor to climate change is the rising atmospheric CO2 concentration due to human activities (Burning fossil fuels, deforestation, industrial chemical processes, etc.), and therefore it’s imperative that we take action to restore the atmospheric CO2 concentration to its normal level.

One such solution is to lower the amount of CO2 discharged into the atmosphere. This is a mission for CarbonClean Energy, and also a mission for mankind.





Ice melting

Ice melting

The growing industries of cement, metallurgy, and fossil fuel based power generation have indeed brought great convenience to our lives, but it’s built at the expense of our natural environment.
However, human population and industrial development will continue expanding. Thus, we must take measures to avoid the worsening of environment.

Carbonclean Energy Co. Ltd. Focuses on
carbon transformation technologies

We use flue gas and water, instead of fossil fuels, to produce value-added chemicals, materials and fuels.
Our ultimate goal is to replace fossil fuel with green and sustainable energy for making daily products, thus building a bright future with prosperity and net zero carbon emission.

Explore New Energy Technologies

Transforming CO2 into value-added chemicals and fuels

We use our exclusive innovative carbon transformation technology to make non-fossil fuel products, such as feedstocks and sustainable aviation fuels.

Our carbon transformation technologies can be thought of as artificial photosynthesis, in that the input to the process are CO2 and water, and the output are oxygen and carbon-based energy carrier. Through our technology, we can transform CO2 to value-added hydrocarbons, the raw materials for various downstream purposes.

Our Vision

We’re committed to build a fossil fuel-free future through our carbon transformation technologies. Our mission is to fight climate change via innovation and breakthrough technologies.
Our core technology follows the concept of photosynthesis, which involves the conversion of CO2 into a whole new clean energy, carbon-based energy carrier, using electrified chemical and energy system.
“Sustain the tech, sustain the planet”. We strive to mitigate the negative impact of CO2 emission using our new technologies, and make our planet a clean and sustainable one.

Net-zero carbon emission roadmap

Unlike current technology in which we use petrochemicals to produce various chemicals and fuels, while exhausting massive carbon dioxide, the future technology starts green. Using solar or wind power as the main electricity supply, we convert CO2 to all kinds of jet fuels and daily commodities, achieving carbon neutral recycle economy.
This will be a chemical revolution at the time when it’s most needed - during climate change.

Green Electricity





Available Products from CO2 Transformation


Hydrocarbon compounds are the most common materials in our lives. In most cases, the acquiring process of these carbons from the petrochemicals release a great amount of carbon dioxides.
However, by using our technologies, we can recycle the captured CO2 gases and transform them into hydrocarbons, which can either be used directly or as feedstock for other processes. This is a chemical revolution of climate change.

Core technology

Carbonclean Energy uses a highly efficient electrolysis method at ambient conditions to convert waste CO2 into useful products (termed e-fuels and e-products) rather than pollutants. This technology enables the transformation of CO2 from a pollutant to value-added chemicals that feed our society.


  1. Customized CO2 transformation equipment

  2. Test station/platform of electrocatalytic CO2 conversion efficiency

  3. Test station/platform of electrocatalytic hydrogen generation efficiency

  4. ESG & net-zero carbon strategy advisory

  5. Carbon Footprint Verification and Sustainability Report/ESG Report



portable station

Portable CO2 reduction device, capable of processing dozens of kg of CO2 unit m2 per day.


containerized CO2 electrolyzer

Based on our customers’ needs, CO2 conversion device can be integrated into shipping container sized station capable of processing industrial CO2-containing exhausts. The functions of our containerized CO2 electrolyzer include CO2 capture and conversion, and the processing capacity can reach several tons of CO2 per day.


Large-scale net-zero carbon emission field

We provide design and construction of large-scale CO2 transformation field, in which sustainable energy sources such as wind and solar powers are incorporated to supply electricity. The products generated from CO2 conversion can be used either directly or sent to other processes as feedstock. This completes a decarbonization economic cycle.

Our team

Dr. Yi-Rung Lin Emma Lin, Ph.D.

Founder / CEO

We believe science comes from wisdom and experience

Dr. Yi-Rung Lin founded CarbonClean Energy Co., Ltd in 2022 in the interest of promoting net-zero carbon emission events. As a world-leading expert in CO2 conversion, Dr. Lin obtained her Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from National Taiwan University (NTU) in 2016, followed by two postdoctoral appointments with Caltech and Stanford University.

Since her doctoral/undergraduate years and continuing through to the completion of her five-year postdoctoral studies, Dr. Lin had been working on advanced CO2 reduction technologies including catalyst innovation and manufacturing, reactor design and assembly, as well as other relevant Research & Development fields.

As a firm-believer and an active-promoter in developing novel catalysts for high-efficiency CO2 conversion, Dr. Lin founded CarbonClean shortly after returning to her hometown, Kaohsiung, towards achieving carbon-neutral sustainability goals, making meaningful impacts and giving back to the society.

The research experience and expertise she gained from working in world-leading universities and national research institutes laid the groundwork for CarbonClean and offered her the insights on creating a sustainable green-energy industry.

Dr. Lin, as well as CarbonClean, will continue to grow in expanding overseas collaboration and reinforcing indicative partnerships towards the common goals of building a sustainable net-zero carbon technology platform, contributing to the community and mankind.

Research Experience

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemical Engineering, Stanford
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, JCAP, Caltech
  • Ph.D., Chemistry, NTU
  • TIGP Program, Nanoscience, Academia Sinica


  • CO2 utilization techniques
  • Photovoltaic device manufacturing

Work experiences

  • Lecturer (MSE, NTUST, Taiwan)
  • Director (Business Development, Zhong-Yue Technology Co., Ltd)

Join us

At CarbonClean Energy, our mission is to build a fossil-free world powered by and built with fuels and materials made from air instead of oil. To achieve this, we are dedicated to build a diverse and collaborative team with passionate scientists and pioneering industrial experts. Most importantly, we hope to share our entrepreneurial journey with people who are enthusiastic about environment protection.

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